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 Survivors' Network

North Carolina's Coalition against Human Trafficking Survivor's Network is a professional development and resource hub aimed at serving Survivors of Human Trafficking who want to learn and grow in their professional development and advocacy skills.

The network acts as a bridge for Survivor-Leaders looking to use their lived experience and expertise to guide agencies and service providers on best practices when working with Survivors of Human Trafficking.​

How We Work With Survivors

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The Network acts as a liaison and connects professional Survivor Leaders with service providers and agencies who are seeking consulting, guidance, and/or training regarding best practices when working with Survivors. By partnering with the Survivors Network, agencies will:

  • ​Have access to qualified Survivor - Led Speakers who will lend their expertise to participate in your events and workshops

  • Have access to technical assistance to evaluate and advise on organizational structures and policies​

  • Have access to Survivor Leaders who will provide in-depth programmatic review and recommendations.​

  • Have access to a Survivor-Leader Advisory board

  • Have access to coordinated Site Visits by Survivor Leaders

Are you in an agency interested in working with a Survivor leader to speak, consult, or train your organization?

Complete an application to request a Survivor Leader speaker by submitting this form. Email if you have questions about the form.

If you are looking for a way to get involved, please consider making a donation to support our work.

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Meet the Survivor-Leadership Team

Latiana Appleberry

Lala Appleberry serves as NCCAHT’s Survivor’s Network Program Director. In this role Latiana coordinates and leverages collaboration between agencies, institutions and Survivor Leaders. For 10+ years, Lala has worked one on one with minor victims of sex trafficking where she provided direct service case management and mentoring. Lala has twelve + years of consulting and advising local and state agencies on identification and best intervention practices when working with victims of trafficking. Latiana has trained a multitude of disciplines including law enforcement, medical and school personnel on how to deliver trauma informed care to survivors of human Trafficking, as well as work with those same disciplines to create and implement survivor informed protocols, policies and programming. 

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Hope Lloyd

Hope Lloyd serves as one of NCCAHT’s Survivor’s Network Support Specialists. In this role, Hope provides mentorship and therapeutic support to Survivors of Human Trafficking. Hope holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. Hope is a professional fitness trainer who combines her history of being trafficked with her passion for weight training as a form of recovery and therapy. Hope coaches Survivors how to take charge of their own recovery by incorporating physical exercise into their daily lives. Hope has trained organizations on best practices and trauma informed care when working with victims of Human Trafficking.


How We Work With Agencies

The Survivor Network believes that Survivors of human trafficking are the experts of their experience and should be the ones leading the way for communities and agencies engaging in any and all Anti-Human Trafficking work. We work with survivors to assist them in finding and developing their abilities. The network also provides no-cost direct services to Survivors, including:

  • Survivor-Led Peer supported groups

  • New Dream Fellowship Funding scholarships 

  • Peer Mentorship 

  • Interpersonal and soft skills coaching 

  • Paid opportunities to partner and work with agencies engaging in anti-human trafficking work including speaking and training opportunities. 

  • An advocate that liaises on behalf of survivors 


Are you a Survivor of Human trafficking and interested in joining the network?

Donate to the Survivors' Network

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