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The North Carolina Coalition Against Human Trafficking (NCCAHT), is a coalition of committed members collaborating in knowledge and practice to provide leadership and support across the state to eradicate human trafficking in North Carolina.


The Coalition is a non-profit that operates for charitable and educational purposes.
 Membership is open to governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations and individuals who support the purpose of the Coalition.

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Nicole Bernard


Nicole is the author of A War Against the Cowbird, and host of the Red X Podcast. She served the anti-trafficking organization, Transforming Hope, for four years and worked in a variety of advocacy, service and behavioral research positions before founding Shield North Carolina where she now serves as Director. 

Charissa Gray, MSW, MPH

Vice Chair

Charissa is the Chief Program Officer at JusticeMatters, a legal services nonprofit, where she specializes in trauma-informed and holistic service provision. She received master degrees from UNC- Chapel Hill in both social work and public health.

Robin Colbert


Robin participated in anti-human trafficking organizations at the national and state levels. She’s trained several organizations in N.C.  

Tara Minter, J.D.



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The Blue Lighting Initiative to End Human Trafficking

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Tara is a court management specialist at the NC Administrative Office of the Courts. She trains court personnel on the dynamics of human trafficking. She has nearly twenty years of non-profit leadership experience.    

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